Chapel – “God Made Me” – Week 1

This week begins our first Chapel! It is a truly wonderful time of praise, worship and learning. We will kick off the school year with the message that “I am wonderfully made” Psalm 139.   I will be teaching the children that God created everything in the whole world, but he created boys and girls in a very special way. He breathed his very breath into the first boy, Adam,  and gave him life. His breath flows in us today through his Holy Spirit.  And, God wants us to be happy and live our life for him.

Over the course of the next 8 weeks we will learn all about our bodies and how God wants us to use it:

  • God Made Me (Introduction)
  • My Wonderful Eyes
  • My Listening Ears
  • My Beautiful Feet
  • My Helping Hands
  • My Guarded Mouth
  • My Happy Heart
  • Adam & Eve (Conclusion)

Each week your child will work on his/her “All About Me” book. Then, at the end of the 8 weeks, he/she will bring it home to share it with you. We will be singing songs to help reinforce the lesson. Here is a list of the songs we will sing in Chapel over the next 8 weeks:

  • “Praise Him, Praise Him”
  • “Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Halleluia”
  • “God Made Me”
  • “O Be Careful”
  • “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”

If you’d like to reinforce the lesson at home this week, read your child Psalm 139…it is truly a beautiful psalm. My favorite verse is “For you created my inmost being;
 you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Something about the image that God spent so much time on me!  I wanted to knit a blanket for my baby Tommy, started it soon after finding out I was pregnant and it still isn’t finished yet!!

Blessings! Sue