Chapel: God Made Me, Week 2, “My Wonderful Eyes”

This week in Chapel we continue our teaching that “I Am Wonderfully Made!” (Psalm 139), and we are talking about our “Wonderful Eyes!” As my vision seems to be getting worse with age, I am ever more grateful for my eyes! Can you imagine what life would be like if God had not had the wisdom and foresight to give us eyes to see? It is an impossible thought. You would almost have to experience it or be so close with someone that was blind to truly understand. So far this week when I’ve asked the children what they think it would be like without eyes, they give the best answers!

  • Everyone would crash their cars
  • Dark and scary
  • You’d get lost
  • People would bump into each other a lot
  • You’d make a mess when you eat

We are playing a fun game in Chapel this week to go along with our theme. It is called mystery item. You’ve probably played it before. Its when the volunteer is blindfolded and has to guess what the item is they are holding. So far, the kids are really good at this game. One of the items I gave them was a feather from a Bald Eagle. All the kids have a pretty easy time guessing that the item is a feather, but they are stumped when asked what kind of bird the feather belongs to. Even after taking the blind fold off, they cannot figure it out. Then, I tell them it is a Bald Eagle and I know that because I saw the Eagle perched in a tree in my back yard and the feather below.  I saw the Eagle with my own 2 eyes!! That is how I know!!

I think the Bald Eagle is one of God’s most beautiful creations. The Bible tells us that “The whole earth if full of His glory! (Isaiah 6:3) Wherever we look in the world around us, we see evidence of that! Have you seen a magenta sunset lately? How about the full moon this week? Better yet, look at your child when he/she is sleeping…have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Thank you, God, for my eyes!!

Blessings, Sue