Chapel: God Made Me, Week 3, “My Listening Ears”

Another wonderful week in Chapel praising God and learning that “I Am Wonderfully Made!” (Psalm 139) This week we are focused on our listening ears. I am walking the children through the main  reasons I can see that God gave us ears to hear:  Pleasure and protection. They also help us learn about God when we listen to his word.

What do you like to listen to? Talk radio, music, television, a thunderstorm, birds singing, leaves blowing, the ocean rolling, your child’s laughter? When I asked the kids this week they said they like to listen to Mom singing a song, Dad reading a book, favorite tv shows, music, loud drums, and the list goes on!! One child said if we didn’t have ears we couldn’t “hear the word of God!” (thank you, Jesus for that little blessing)

He also gave us our ears for protection. Our ears warn of us danger – smoke alarms, police sirens, a rattlesnake’s rattle. God gave us ears to keep us out of danger.  Sometimes keeping us safe means following directions. So, we played a little game in Chapel this week. Simon Says to demonstrate how our ears help us follow instruction, but we have to listen closely!It was such fun!

One last note on our ears… As parents, let us not forget to protect the precious little ears that are around us from the bad that has so casually seeped into our society.  Just the other day my oldest was singing a song from the radio that I think has a fun beat and I was listening too, enjoying it. Until a word that I would never allow him to say came out of his mouth casually, as if he hears and says it all the time. I was shocked. And I only had myself to blame for allowing him to hear it. The song we sing in Chapel, “O be careful little ears what you hear” really resonates with me now.

Father, we thank you for creating us so wonderfully. Today we especially are thankful to you for creating our ears. We can hear so many wonderful things with them. Help us to remember to listen carefully for your voice as you lead us to do what is good and right!

Happy Listening!