Chapel, God Made Me, Weeks 4 & 5, “My Beautiful Feet, My Helping Hands”

As we continue with our theme in Chapel, “I am wonderfully made,” I can tell that the children are “getting it!” Confirmation came last week in the form of an email that I wanted to share with you…

Sue,  I just had to share this…
I was going through Avery’s things from school and she points out her name on her brand new library card and says “this says Avery because I am wonderfully made!  I am wonderfully made!”.  Then she starting singing “God is Love”. It was awesome…. Brought tears to my eyes to hear those words from her sweet mouth.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!:)
Very sincerely,
Kris Liperote

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful praise with us Kris!!

Last week we learned about our Beautiful Feet. How God gave us feet so we could do fun things like run, jump, skip, walk, march, but also go! Go and tell others about God’s love for them. We also explored a variety of animal feet and played a matching game called “whose feet are these?” We matched the webbed feet to the duck and the hopping feet to the kangaroo. Then we spent some time stomping like elephants, waddling like ducks, crawling like alligators! Lots of fun!

This week we are learning about our Helping Hands. We look at the story of The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) and talk about which of the men had helping hands. Take a minute tonight to read the story again with your child. See if they can tell you which person in the story uses their hands for good and which one uses their hands for bad. Talk with them about what they can do around the house, at school, or at the park, to use their hands for good.

Father, we thank you for creating us so wonderfully. Today we especially thank you for creating our hands. Help us to remember to use our hands for good things, not bad.