Today, A Savior is Born, Christ the Lord! Luke 2:11


Last week we began our new Chapel series – Christmas! Our scripture verse that we learn through sign language is “Today, a savior is born, Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11).”  We set up a manger scene on our learning board complete with stable, star, angel, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, wise men and shepherds. Each week we will have a new visitor come to chapel to tell us about their very important role in the very first Christmas ever! We are also making Christmas books so we can share this special story with family & friends!

Last week, we were visited by the angel Gabriel. Gabriel told us about how he is God’s messenger, sent from heaven to do God’s work on earth. He spoke about his visit to Mary and telling her how she was chosen by God to have a baby, God’s son. Gabriel always says, “do not be afraid!” He also told us about how he visited Joseph in a dream and told him to name the baby Jesus. Gabriel played a very important role in the very first Christmas ever!

This week, we were visited by baby Jesus, himself! During chapel he stayed in the manger with hay, just like the very first Christmas. While were were singing and praising the Lord, Jesus was held by many of the children so that the loud music wouldn’t upset him. (see pics) We learned about comparisons in Chapel today. We compared our birth to Jesus’ birth:

  • Jesus was born in a barn; we are born in a hospital
  • Mary & Joseph traveled to the barn on a donkey; we go to the hospital in a car
  • Jesus was placed in a manger; we are placed in a crib
  • Jesus had wise men and shepherds visit; we are visited by our family and friends

Stay tuned for more as we learn about the very first Christmas ever!