Fruits of the Spirit – Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfullness

Dear Parents,FOS

Over the past 3 weeks, we have studied about several fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5):  Grapes, blueberries and watermelon! Silly me – the fruits of the spirit aren’t FRUITS, they are QUALITIES!

The grape did help teach us about GOODNESS, though. We learned the Story of Creation,  and how after God saw all that He created, He said, “It is Good!” Each child learned that God created them, too, and that they are good! (Genesis 1)

The blueberry taught us about GENTLENESS. We learned the story of the Good Shepherd, and how our God is a gentle God, who takes care of his sheep. When the wolf comes to scatter the flock, the Good Shepherd leads the sheep to safety.  (John 10)

This week, the watermelon taught us about FAITHFULNESS. We learned the story of Noah’s ark. We learned that God was faithful to Noah because He saved him and took care of his family. We learned that Noah was faithful to God because Noah believed God and obeyed him. (Genesis 5)

My hope is that you will spend some time with your child reinforcing what they are learning in Chapel. Qualities like Goodness, Gentleness and Faithfulness come so naturally to children, but a little reinforcement and identification with their faith never hurts!!

In Christ,