Sullivan’s Island Parents

School Supplies

Instead of asking our parents to go all over and shop for all sorts of school supplies for the classrooms, we are now simply collecting a school supply fee to cover your child’s school supplies for the year. Simply click the button below and pay.

$60 for ages 1-3
$75 for ages 4, 5K


Secure Access Cards – currently suspended due to COVID Health Policies

To ensure the best safety practices for our students and staff, ALL FAMILIES at Holy Cross Island School SI are required to have a Sonitrol Access Card to enter the preschool building. Each family will receive at least one card, paying the required $25 fee.   If you wish to have more than 1 card (for a nanny or second parent), you may choose to purchase more than one for your convenience. Each card costs $25. Fees may be paid at Parent Orientation or for your convenience, you may pay the $25 fee below. Access cards will be distributed during the second week of school.

2019-20 Calendars

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