Campus Security

Although we feel we have taken great strides in elevating our security for our HIS School children, there is room for improvement. Two enhancements we feel would strengthen and enhance our security measures are 1) bullet proof glass and 2) full time security officer.

As you can imagine, the cost of these projects is significant, and we need your help to make it happen. Here is an annual cost breakdown of the two projects:

  • 3M Bulletproof Film: $10,000 
  • Security Guard 8:30-2:30: $40,000 

This means quickly raising $50,000 for each campus to cover these two projects alone! To help you with your giving amount, please consider, we have approximately 100 children in our school. Many families have expressed their willingness to help us raise these crucial funds. With all this in mind, we are embarking on a very quick month-long fundraising campaign to help fund these security enhancements. Ideally, we would like to raise these funds on or before August 1 so we can get our 3M bulletproof film installed before the first day of school in September.

Littlest Lamb Fun Run

HIS School partners with the Littlest Lamb Institute to help support, love and encourage those working with children who are being cared for in the LAMB Institute’s children’s home and school. LAMB Institute’s mission: LAMB (US) acts in partnership with LAMB (Honduras) to accomplish their mission of sharing the hope found in Christ Jesus as they care for, educate, protect, and empower those suffering extreme poverty, abuse, and exploitation in Honduras. We exist to give glory to God by sharing what He is doing through His servants in Honduras, by praying with and for them, by providing financial resources and oversight, and by extending opportunities for churches and individuals to join in His work.

HIS Schoolers participate in a FunRun fundraiser during the months of February and March to earn money to send to our sister school in Tegucigalpa. We use this as an opportunity to give out to our world and have a direct impact on children who have great needs to be met.

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Pizza Days

HIS Schoolers, age 2-4, are eligible to participate in this popular fundraiser weekly. HIS School provides pizza and fruit once a week to each child, giving parents a much needed lunch making break weekly! All profits go directly into our HIS School fund. Funds are used to cover school improvements and basic supplies. This fundraiser is optional for each family.

Sullivan's Island Pizza Pass Daniel Island Pizza Pass

Operation Christmas Child

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. Through this project, Samaritan’s Purse partners with the local church worldwide to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and make disciples of the nations. HIS School families “pack” a shoebox with their children, creating an opportunity to experience genuine giving and serving. This fundraiser gives out into the world and is typically held during the months of October and November. Boxes are blessed by our campus pastor before being mailed off to another country to bless a child in need.

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Stephen Wright Photography

Each child and family has an opportunity to have a spring portrait taken by the very talented Stephen Wright! Our spring pictures typically are held during the month of April and orders are back in time for Mother’s Day, creating a special gift opportunity. Families are encouraged to bring siblings, to take a group picture, even if they are not currently enrolled at HIS school. Stephen gives a percentage of the sales back to HIS School.

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